70-243 & 70-242 – Call to Action!

Call to Action!

Microsoft needs our feedback on the upcoming 70-243 & 70-242 certification exams that will cover System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and System Center Operations Manager 2012. Wouldn’t it be great with two tests per product? one for day-to-day admins and one for IT-Pros?

Tell Microsoft your opinion using this 5 question survey for each upcoming test which can be answered on here: http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/btl/b/weblog/archive/2011/03/24/system-center-folks-we-need-your-input.aspx

Garth Jones published a list with examples for items to be included, the following list is examples of topics:

  • Create a basic app model
  • Create a basic SSRS report
  • Create a collection
  • Create a task sequence
  • Deploy Win 7 (OSD)
  • How to create Software Metering Rules
  • How to deploy SU
  • How to setup Power Management
  • How to troubleshoot client deployment issues
  • How to use AI
  • How to use DCM
  • How to use NAP
  • How to use Remote control ( and what is new with RC!)
  • Mobile support
  • Name all the feature and what they do
  • Set client setting via a collection
  • Setup up RAC
  • Understand all the site roles and what they do.
  • Use the help file or Superflows (Yes this is important! It is surprising how many people don’t RTFM)
  • What is OBB and what does it do
  • What is WOL and what does it do

The complete blog post published by Garth Jones a few days ago about this survey can be found here: http://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2011/03/25/70-243-amp-70-242-call-to-action.aspx

Thanks Garth for putting together the list and making the community aware of it.

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