Move Computer to the Correct OU during deployment

When deploying Windows 7 a common scenario is that you want to move all reinstalled computer to a “Windows 7 Client”  OU. When reinstalling a Computer that already has an existing computer account in Active Directory neither MDT or SCCM will move that account. This is no new pchallange but I get the question many times so I thought I would share how I do it .

You could use this excellent webservice, extremely useful high security environments with restrictions for service account usage e.t.c.

Another solution is using this great VBSscript provided by you can find it here:
The script will move the computer if it is not already in the specified OU, i was thinking of writing one but then I find this script and thought I would share how I use it.

Using this excellent script in a MDT/SCCM Task Sequence is very simple and straight forward, the command-line below will move the computer to the MachineObjectOU configured in MDT settings file or database.

  1. Add the script to a package you replicate to all DPs
  2. In the Task Sequence add the following Run Command Line task (Make sure to add it after the “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager Client step”)
  3. Use a User Account with permission in the Active Directory to perform the task.
    MoveComputerThis is one of the simplest way to achieve this. Thanks to Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen att for sharing the script.

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