Installing the SCCM hotfixes on the clients

When doing a new installation of System Center Configuration Manager there are a number of hotfixes I always install as I mentioned earlier on my blog. A couple of them includes a client hotfix which needs to be installed on all the client either during OS deployment or another way of deploying the client for instance client push.

Installing the hotfixes in the OSD task sequence

To include multiple client in the OSD task sequence I use the PATCH= command, when deploying multiple patches they are separated with “;”. The Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step would look like this where the packageID of the SCCM Client in this case is 00100005 which must be replaced with the SCCM Client package in your environment:


And don’t forget to update the SCCM Client Package with new source files after installing the hotfixes so the files are actually present on the DP.

If you are using more than one partition on the clients you deploy, then you should hardcode the path to C:\ instead of using the variable, then the command line would look like this instead. PATCH=”C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\00100005\i386\hotfix\kb977384\sccm2007ac-sp2-kb977384-x86-enu.msp

Installing the hotfixes with Client Push

I always configure Client Push even if I don’t use it to push out the client automatically, I use it to reinstall broken client by using the install client action in the console. My server is called SCCM01 and the path to my client package is \\SCCM01\SMSPKGE$ and they need to be changed to reflect your environment.
To install the hotfixes in the client push dialog I configure the following:

  1. I use the path to the SCCM client package on the distribution points, make sure that domain computers have read to the package.
  2. I add the following lines to the Client Push installation proporties, in this case my server name is \\sccm01\:



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