TechED 2010 Europe keynote

Brad Andersson was the keynote speaker on this year’s TechED. Brad started with parallels to the industrial revolution and comparing it to the “technical revolution” we will see today with the introduction of Cloud services. The presentation followed a story of the end user experience.

-Windows Phone, focusing on the new end-user experience of the Windows Phone, enabling users to access their information or services with the use of Windows Phone.

-Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2 sp1, introducing RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory to lower the cost and enable a much richer end-user experience supporting new Windows 7 features like Aero even when running as a VDI. Great!!  Citrix are also adopting the RemoteFX solution in their products.

-Office 365 beta, online Office and collaboration in the cloud, looks to be a great cloud service.

-Windows Intune, System management in the cloud, available from everywhere for the administrator and makes it possible to manage a client everywhere.

-Forefront End Point Protection RC

-Announcing Hyper-V as a service!

-Virtual Machine Manager 2012CTP, including Server App-V! Server App-V will make it possible to virtualize server applications, making deployment, scaling, managing and resource sharing much easier. I am really looking forward to see some live business cases because the impact would be significant.
The end user self-service portal in Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will be the key component in managing the private cloud.

-Windows Azure, It almost requires its own post, new features launched for Azure include the following: Full IIS Support, VM Role, Server 2008 R2, Virtual Network and more. Fantastic additions to the Azure platform Virtual Network will allow a company to extend their network and service, like for instance Active Directory over the virtual network, enabling single-sign on much more!

-Monitoring Windows Azure, System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 will be extended to handle monitoring of Windows Azure services and applications running in Windows Azure. It will also be possible through the new Management Pack to execute tasks targeting services in Windows Azure.

Conclusion: The cloud is here to stay and will defiantly change the IT services and IT professionals in the future, so start preparing for this change today. Windows Azure will evolve in en accelerated pace, introducing more and more functionality.

Check out the whole keynote online at the following link, a recoding will be available soon:

By the way, before the keynote started there was a live demo of the new XBOX 360 Kinetic, it looked great, I will defiantly buy one.!

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