SCCM Report Count Computer models per collection

This reports will help you plan you roll-out project and plan it by presenting a report with a count of each computer model per collection. If you already have collections in SCCM per site, per department, per subnet or whatever you wan’t, you can use them to report which models exist. The reports can be downloaded from here.








The second report provides the possibilty to dig into which computers of a specific model exist in a collection, including computername. When the reports are imported the links between the reports are lost, here is how you re-link them.

  • Right click on the report “Computer models count per collection” and select properties.
  • Select the Links tab
  • Select link to another report, select the other report(Computers specific model in a specific collection) inlcuded and add the prompts described below.














Test the reports so that the links are working, then you are good to go!


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