Using DCM in Configuration Manager 2007 to report if service is running

Have you ever wondered if Anti-virus is running on all client computers? Or if the desktop firewall is started and running as supposed to be? If you haven’t started with DCM yet you should really try it out!
Using DCM it is possible to check if a specific service is running using DCM.

The following steps descibes how to create a configuration item for reporting if the Spooler service is running. We use WMI and query win32\Service for the state of the service.

Create a new Configuration Item as shown in the example below, where “Name=Spooler” determines which service to monitor(easy to change to for instance TmListen for Trend Micro Officescan):

















On the validation tab press new and configure the validation as shown below:
















After pressing OK change the severity on the next page to Error:

















Then you are ready to add it to your baseline.


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