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I have the great honor to present two session at the Microsoft TechX in Stockholm 15-18 February 2016!

TechX is a four day event(in Swedish), focusing on Azure 15-16 and Office 365 17-18, I am really looking forward to it!

My session are:

“Future of client management with Intune/Configuration Manager Hybrid” Where we will focus on all the new features in Intune and how it links to Configuration Manager CB

“Windows 10 + EMS = True” together with my colleague Anders Olsson, Which will focus on what EMS brings to Windows 10 and why they are a match made in heaven (or Redmond?!)

There are a lot more sessions as well so I hope to see you all there!


Just a quick post to announce that our recordings from System Center User Group online meetings in June on “Enterprise Mobility Suite” and in September on “ConfigMgr vNext TP3 + Windows 10″ are now available on our YouTube channel, they are both in Swedish…

SCUG.SE – Sept 2015 – ConfigMgr vNext TP3 + Windows 10

SCUG.SE – June – Enterprise Mobilty Suite


Techdays 2015 in Sweden 21-22 October is THE event of the year in Sweden! It always have great content, great speakers, and a great time meeting the IT community.

This year I have the great honor to be presenting a session, “Windows 10 + EMS =TRUE” together with my collegue Anders Olsson ( (in Swedish) We will focus on the latest and coolest features in Windows 10 and how we can utilize Enterprise Mobility Suite(EMS) together with Windows 10 to achieve greatness! EMS and Windows 10 will change change how we manage our devices and users in the future!

Really looking forward to it! Hope to meet you all there!


I have the great honor together with my collegue Anders Olsson ( to deliver a session at Techdays Sweden 2014! :D

We will be talking about how to manage your devices and protect your sensitive information using Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS),which I truly believe is the future. The session is in Swedish.

En ny era är här! Den traditionella IT-miljön finns inte längre kvar, våra användare kopplar upp sig överallt från olika enheter och sparar företagsinformation överallt.

Med hjälp av Enterprise Mobility Suite från Microsoft kan vi hantera enheter, identiteter och skydda känslig information oavsett vart den lagras. Kom och se Client Management Specialisten Jörgen Nilsson tillsammans med IT-Säkerhetspecialisten Anders Olsson där de demonstrerar Windows Intune, Azure Active Directory och Azure Rights Managment.”

More information about the session can be found here:

See you at Techdays in Stockholm!

Techdays 2014PNG

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is the new Black(EMS) is the new black!

In the new world with modern devices being used more and more in daily work, managing them or actually what it all is about managing the information that is on them and providing secure access to the information they are to be able to consume. EMS is a bundling of three cloud services that together represents the bundle Enterprise Mobility Suite. The three services are:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Windows Intune
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management

Here is an introduction EMS that is a great place to start.

Some of us has been using or at least have evaluated Windows Intune for a while now to manage our clients or modern devices with i, Azure AD is new has a lot of cool features. In this post I would like to focus on the Coolest if you ask me and probably least adopted technology as it has been around for a long time Microsoft Azure Rights Management.

OK, so Azure Rights Management has not been around for a long time but the technology it build upon has been around for more that ten years. The reason why it is not implemented that frequently is of course that it requires a lot of work to classify data and now what data to protect. But in our Mobile first and cloud first world I would really like to stress that this is the most important feature for me at least. What is most important, it is of course the data itself.

Many times when I have demoed, or made presentations on Windows Intune as a mobile device management solution, I have been asked “how do I protect my data?” The answer has been ADRMS, now that these are bundled together I truly believe this will take customers view on Device Management solutions to a new level.

If you haven’t looked at ADRMS before I really suggest that you do. It is a really cool feature that extends the protection of you sensitive information beyond your own managed devices.

Here is a session from a colleague of mine from TechX in Sweden which is pretty cool (in Swedish though):

More information on EMS can be found here: