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Yesterday an update was released to the Technical Preview 3 version of Configuration Manager vNext. A really cool update which is distributed using the new Updates and Servicing feature. First the end-users will love the new Software Center, one unified place instead of two and no more Silverlight!


The next cool thing in the update is how it is delivered. It is delivered using the new Update and Servicing feature in the Preview. It will look like this. In the console under the Update and Servicing branch we now see that an update is available.
We have two choices, Install Update pack or Run Prerequisite check.


I choose the Install Update Pack option and here are the screenshots of how it will look like.



Next is an interesting choice if we want to upgrade all clients directly without testing or use the test new version with a pre-production collection.



Done! But what happens next? Well the upgrade actually starts and the progress can either be tracked in the console. If we look at the update it is now changed state to Installing and we can in the bottom of the screen we can select Show Status.

cmvnexttp3u11Really cool, but for us who like to use CMtrace or Notepad if you want instead ;-)

The pre-req part uses the same log files as the setup of Configuration Manager so you can follow it in ConfigMgrSetup.log and ConfigMgrPrereq.log.

For the update installation itself can be tracked and troubleshooted in the following log file, CMUpdate.log


What about the console on the Configuration Manager Server? It is updated automatically the next time you open the console :-)

The new way to handle this kinds of updates are really cool and it works really well. Well I have only installed it three times but it has worked so far :D

One new feature in Configuration Manager vNext is a new Task Sequence step called: “Download Package Content”. It does what the name implies and could be one of my new small favorite features in Configuration Manager vNext. It will be useful to download content in a controlled way that later on can be used by scripts, applications installations.

There are a few options for the step on where you want the content located, the following are the options:

  • Task Sequence Working Directory
  • Configuration Manager Client Cache
  • Custom Path

To be able to choose the location is a really cool feature as we don’t want to fill up the Client Cache for instance.

It is also possible to set a task sequence variable containing the location of the downloaded package as show below.


So where does the files end up on the client in the example above? In the C:\Windows\temp directory?
Yes, in the C:\Windows\Temp folder and a folder with the PackageID as shown below.


The variable we created is available in the Task Sequence just as expected as shown in the variable dump below.

DownloadContent2This will be a very useful new Task Sequence step in the upcoming version of Configuration Manager which will at least get rid of some of the Xcopy and Robocopy steps out there. It would have been even better if it was possible to tick a box that it should copy the package content to in this case C:\Windows\temp and not a sub-folder with the packageID as name.