Installing the Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 client and OSD

When deploying the FEP client during OS Deployment the normal command line used to install the FEP client doesn’t work, the recommendation is to use the following command instead ”Fepinstall.exe /q /s”, see this article for more information I have deployed the FEP client a couple of times now and I have had some

Duplicate entries in add remove programs reports

This is a very annoying but really easy to fix feature of two reports in Configuration Manager 2007, the two reports used to report on software registered in Add/Remove Programs on clients: Computers with specific software registered in Add Remove Programs (nr 92) Software registered in Add Remove Programs on a specific computer (nr 93) Shows duplicates

Installing Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 – Pending Restart

I have installed Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 a couple of times now and I must say that the system requirements document on Technet has a complete list of pre-req’s, read it before starting the installation. The installation it self is really straightforward if all the system requirements are fulfilled. However almost every installation of either the server

SCCM post installation checklist

When I perform a new Configuration Manager installation after all the standard configuration (enable all agents necessary, configuring the different roles, boundaries, network access accounts and configure all the other standard components) I also end up doing a lot of other configuration as well. I tried to collect all the information needed about the different tasks and thought I would