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As a follow up and as I  promised in a previous post here are both reports which makes it possible to track advertisement status per collection and to link it to the next report, All system resources in a specific collection for a specific advertisement in a specific state. These both reports makes it possible to track advertisement status for a specific advertisment and collection, which is very useful when installing/upgrading applications and reporting needs to be done per site, building or department.

Import both reports which can be found here, and link them like this.

advertisementpercollectionlinkI hope these two reports are useful in your environments out there. Thanks again Ola for you help!

SCCM V.Next Public Beta 1 includes a Software Self Service Portal which is a great thing! It looks really nice already in beta 1 easy to setup, works like a charm. Using the software portal it is possible for users to install applications themselves and also request them if the administrator have selected that approval is necessary


The user can search for software or browse for software based on Category or Publisher. When requesting the software the user is prompted to submit a motivation for why he/she needs the software. In this case I need it for my project.


On the My Software Requests tab in the portal the user can track the status of his/hers request in the portal to see the status of his/hers software requests.


When the user submits the request, it shows up almost immediately in the Configuration Manager Console where the administrator can either approve the request or deny the request.


After the approval the application is installed for the user based on the requirements configured for the software in the Configuration Manager console. I will cover the new software application object in later posts.

Under the My Systems tab in the portal it is also possible for the user to mark that this computer is my primary computer, which can be used in V.Next to set requirements that for instance some applications are only is allowed to install on the user’s primay computer. This is a great feature which enables administrators to think user first, instead of per-device as is the most practiced setup used today.

The user can also add a mobile device in this view.


More on SCCM V.Next coming up soon, I will deep dive into more features in the Beta. Download the beta and try it out yourself from Microsoft Connect.

Best-of-MMS 2010 (in Stockholm, Sweden) promises to be the Microsoft System Management event of the year in Sweden. Sessions will cover new technologies like SCCM V.Next Beta, Service Manager, System center essentials 2010 and many more exciting new products and solutions. There will aslo be a more non-technical track during these days focusing on organisation, cost-savings and many more interesting topics.
I will be presenting two sessions at the event (in Swedish): 

  • System Center Configuration Manager v.Next – User Centric 
  • Få ut mer av din SCCM 2007-miljö med nyheter i R3, Dashboards och ACT connector

 For more information visit the offical website:

See you there!

Another report ;-) ! There are many scenarios where I found that it would have been great to be able to track advertisement status for a specific advertisement per collection. For instance, if a manager places a service request that 40 computers at that department should have Office 2010 installed, it would be great to have a report showing the result per collection. 










You can download it here. I plan to post the linked report aswell later on so it will be possible to link the report to see which computers have succeeded or not.

My friend Ola helped again to finish this report, thanks!

Stay tuned for the next part!

Finally got the time to install the beta 1, i strongly recommend having a look at the Supported Configurations document and the release notes (available at Connect) before starting the installation.
For peparation of the site server it is still the guide on Technet that is refereed to in the online documentation “How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Site Systems” , and it works
Note that In Beta 1, “only English site server is supported for your ConfigMgr v.Next hierarchy and we only support migration from an English ConfigMgr 2007 site.”

A really cool feature is that Nokia Symbian is supported already in Beta 1 of the product, how cool is that!

Check out the Supported Configurations at the following location:

More will follow :-)

Ran into a problem where WMI stopped responding on a Windows 2008 R2 server which we use to host a Primary Site server. 
Applied these two hotfixes on the Windows 2008 R2 server which are both related to WMI memory leaks, and now the system is running as a dream!

KB981314 - The “Win32_Service” WMI class leaks memory in Windows Server 2008 R2 and in Windows 7

KB977357 – A memory leak issue occurs in the Windows Management Instrumentation service on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7

There are many great new features in the new SCCM 2007 R3 – Beta which is available for download from Microsoft Connect.
Features like centralized Power Management, Delta Active Directory Discovery, Dynamic Collection addition and Prestaged Media OS deployment support are really cool.
There are some other smaller but still great improvements in the SCCM Console like my personnel favorite the Add Resources option, which makes it possible to easy add resources using Direct Membership. There are some really cool tools out there which provides similar features, but not as easy as this.  
Right-click on the Collection you want to manage and there are a new option available, Add Resource.

SCCM_R3b_add resource 




Selecting this will launch the new “Add Resources to Collection” dialog. It defaults to System Resource which is perhaps the most commonly used resource to add in a Collection.  And it is really easy to search for resource without using wildcards like % but it is possible to use wildcards.












It is also possible to Right-click a resource like a computer and use “Manage Collection Membership” to add it to a Collection. Really useful!


A new version of the System Center Configuration Manager Toolkit, “V2″ has been released. New tools are:

  • MP Troubleshooter Tool
  • Delete Group Class Tool
  • Preload Package Tool
  • Send Schedule Tool.

These tools where available in the SMS 2003 Toolkit and are now included in the System Center Configuration Manager Toolkit V2 in updated versions.

They can be found here :